Who we are

Company of Limited Liability SIA “Frostiart Baltic” is dealing with:


  • the organization of sand sculptures’ festivals, their artistic and technical management;
  • the organization of ice sculptures’ festivals, their artistic and technical management;
  • the production of ice blocks;
  • the shaping of ice sculptures and products from ice (for celebrations; festivities, city festivals, promotional campaigns, corporate events; festivals; exhibitions etc.).

SIA “Frostiart Baltic” is the largest producer of ice blocks in the Baltic States and one of the largest in Scandinavia.

At the moment SIA “Frostiart Baltic” (Ledusdizains.lv) offers more than 90 various kinds if ice design products for celebrations, receptions, resentations, weddings, and promotional campaigns indoors and outdoors, as well as for ice sculptures’ festivals.

SIA “Frostiart Baltic” has established a successful long-term cooperation with several enterprises in Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, etc. and regularly exports to those countries various ice products (ice sculptures, ice design elements for promotional campaigns, ice blocks for the ice sculptures’ festivals). The ice blocks produced by SIA “Frostiart Baltic” are of very good quality and the enterprise is competitive in terms its quality, services and prices not only in the Baltic countries, but also throughout Scandinavia, Poland, Belgium, Germany etc.

Another export product provided by SIA „Frostiart Baltic” is self-made sand sculptures’ and ice sculptures’ festivals in different countries, as well as ice–snow hotels’ design and construction in Finland.


Our Clients


  • NOKIA (Finland)
  • Finlandia VODKA (Finland)
  • Frostiart (Finland)
  • Valtra (Finland)
  • Tridens AS (Estonia)
  • Fahle OÜ (Estonia)
  • Estonian Spirit Ltd (Estonia)


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  • Restorāns „Vincents”
  • Prike Latvija SIA
  • SIA ”McCann Rīga”
  • Alūksnes novada pašvaldība
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  • SIA „Stageart studija”
  • SIA ”H.A.P.P. Latvija”